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-coverage or visit colorado mas -- >>> colorado massacre, james holmes makes his first court appearance. >>> we have breaking news out of colorado where the gunman accused in the movie theater massacre appears in court. >> james holmes appeared in court for the first time with bright origin -- orange red hair. >> james holmes made his first court appearance since the deadly rampage. he was read his lights and asked if he understood why he was in court. >> it is said that you shall not harass or tamper with any witness to or victim of the acts you are charged with committing. >> prosecutors were given until next monday to file formal charges. police say holmes has lawyered up and refusing to cooperate. it could take months to learn what motivated the attack. the district attorney is considering pursuing the death penalty. prosecutors will consult with families of the victims before making that decision. in the cha i don't -- chaos holmes almost got away, he was wearing tactical gear and his gas mask was different. investigators cleared out all explosives from his apartment, in
in africa. "outfront" tonight, our first glimpse of a suspected mass murderer, james holmes. the man suspected of killing 12 people and wounding 58 others in a packed movie theater on friday appeared in court today, with bright red hair and dramatic facial expressions, he looked like he was out of it at times. he looked blankly up and down and staring into space at times. and it looked like a man who was out of it. for the first time, we're hearing about this neuroscience student. we're about to hear his voice for the first time. this is holmes speaking at a science camp in san diego from 2006. he's 18 years old in this video obtained by abc news. and here he talks about a shared interest with a mentor. >> he also studied subject ift experience, which is what take place inside the mind as opposed to the external world. i'm carrying on his work in subjective experience. >> and in jail a just-released inmate told the new york daily news he saw holmes spitting at guar guards. tonight he's in suicide watch and in solitary confinement. and we heard from the suspect's families. their lawye
or hadn't slept a lot. paint us a picture for what it was like to get a glimpse of holmes today. >> reporter: it was tough, i would imagine, for the many people who were intently watching this. he appeared as some sort of comic book character emerging in that courtroom. i think everyone got over the shock of seeing the red hair, the attention really turned to his demeanor. and i think people were just stunned by his complete dazed look, bewilderment at times, confused. he appeared sedated and completely out of it in many ways. it's led to a lot of speculation throughout the day that he might have been medically sedated by authorities here in the jail in arapahoe county. we've reached out to the sheriff's office in charge of that jail. they say they cannot tell us whether or not he's been medically sedated or given anything. the speculation will have to continue. i think many people were stunned by that. all of this is significant. since he was arrested in the early morning hours of friday, the authorities here in colorado had refused to release his mug shot. this was the first t
with the aftermath of the colorado shooting massacre. most of us got our first glimpse of james holmes during a court appearance yesterday. the longtime friends say they hardly recognize the young man they once new. >> with more on the unfolding legal case, we're joined by brandy in sentinel, colorado today. >> reporter: good morning, he appeared to be locked in his own world. >> given the nature of the charges you're currently being held. >> reporter: by dyed comic book hair, 24-year-old holmes sat silent in a colorado courtroom looking dazed and confused just like his booking photo. >> i sat looking at his face and eventually i had to get past that and see who the killer was. >> reporter: some of the victim's families walked into court hand in hand. it was the first time they could see the man police say opened fire in a movie theater, killing 12 people and wounding dozens more. it has some speculatoring he would be drugged. >> reporter: abc's dan abrams said it could help with an insanity plea. >> he could be extremely tired, some defect or he's faking it. >> reporter: as detectives now combed thr
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from colorado. >> with his hair dyed orange, we got a look at james holmes in court, the man accused of killing 12 and injuring 58 stared straight ahead, his eyes blinking, open, then closed and said nothing. he was advised of his rights. >> you're currently held on a no-bond hold. >> formal charges will be filed a week from today and likely include 12 counts of first-degree murder. the decision on whether he'll face the death penalty is months away. >> victims will be incompetent packeted for years. we want to get their impact before we make a decision. >> after the hearing a attorney for the holmes family spoke from san diego. >> the family wants to reiterate that their hearts go out to the victims and their families. the holmes family would like to maintain their privacy. so at this time, we will not be discussing james or his relationship to his family. >> police say holmes opened fire in a packed theater during a midnight showing of the batman film "the dark knight rises." friends, family and mourners set up a makeshift memorial across the street from the scene. >> innocence. in
tracking down the psychiatrist who was see ing colorado shooter james holmes. the question, what did she know and what did she obligate to report. >>> and the newest bond girl -- >> good evening, mr. bond. >>> the story behind that amazing cameo everyone is talking about. >>> good evening. david is on assignment tonight. the first full day of olympic competition is now in the recordbooks and there are some stunning results to report. and take a look at this photo. it says it all. 14-time gold medal swimmer michael phelps in disbelief. almost failing to qualify for an event he won during the last two olympics. meanwhile, the u.s. women's soccer team advanced to the semifinals with a powerful show of skill and team spirit. for more on that and all of the other olympic highlights we turn to abc's jeffery kofman in london tonight. good evening jeffery. >> reporter: sharyn, good evening to you from olympic park. of the 12 gold medals up for grabs on the first day of competition, the u.s. snagged two but the results left at least a few americans in shock. as expected an american won gold in th
at this point. . >>reporter: james holmes has been planning this for months. . this individual,>> 12 people died and nearly 60 were hurt from this fire tear meat midnight showin shooting. . president obama paid a visit. >> a confessed to them that words are always an adequate for these types of situation. my main task was to serve as a representative for the entire country and let them know the we are thinking about them at this moment and we will continue to think about them each and every day. >> james holmes is aexpected to appear in court. he has been planning this rampage for months, it is believed. no motive. he will be in court at 8:3 he0 this new video of the president as he visited the survivors in a hospital. stephanie dvd = davies.. president obama found out that the one girl helped save her friend's life. she was shot in the neck. her friend rushed to save her. could lead stories like this will bring the community together. >> law enforcement officials are saying that the largest mass shooting in u.s. history might have been much worse. if that the gun not jammedd cjames holmes is ex
controversy. >> there is a jim holmes of aurora, colorado page on the colorado tea party site as well. >> bill: abc news making significant mistake on the early coverage of the massacre. bernie goldberg will have some thoughts on that. >> the ncaa is imposing a fine of $60 million on the university. >> bill: penn state gets hammered. its football program cut way back for at least four years in the wake of the sandusky child molestation scandal. but is the punishment enough? caution, you are about to enter the no spin zone, the factor begins right now. hi, i'm bill o'reilly, thanks forever watching us tonight. guns murder and the u.s.a. that is the subject of this evening's talking points memo. far left idealogues are demagoguing the mass murder in colorado. they want gun control in the country. uber liberal bill moyers is the poster boy for that. >> the killer in colorado waiting only for an opportunity. and there you have it. the arsenal of democracy transformed into the arsenal of death. and the nra, the nra is the enabler of death. paranoid, delusional, and as venomous as a corps i don't kn
monsters like james holmes in colorado. another memo to bill moyers? this week marks the one year anniversary that some nut shot and killed 77 human beings in norway. norway. and that's the memo. now for the top story tonight. 24-year-old james holmes appeared in court today. he will be charged next week you can see how bizarre this guy is colorado has the death penalty and odds are this guy will get it. joining us from the mile high city colorado prosecutor craig silverman and fox news anchor jon scott has been covering the story from the very beginning, did great work for us on friday night what's the headline today, john? >> his first court appearance judge appearance for yourself. onk hair detached expression. to me, it looks like he is some where vacillating between sorrow, drowsiness and bemused attachment when he is appearing in that courtroom filled with the weeping victims and their family members. the people he is accused of shooting. when asked whether he understood his rights holmes lawyer spoke for him as far as weekend tell, he didn't say a word. as bad as the shooti
. >>> plus, they may have a prenup over money, but on all other issues, katie holmes has apparently muscled an overwhelming divorce settlement victory over tom cruise. >>> coming up, prince is king of the home run derby, and the bronx cheer for a yankee slugger. you're watching "early today." >>> good morning and welcome back to "early today." i'm lynn berry, and here are some of your top headlines this morning. russia's foreign minister met in moscow with syrian opposition leaders. russia promised not to sign new weapons contracts with syria or deliver arms that had been ordered until the syrian crisis is resolved. >>> government regulators say more than $200 million in customer funds appear to be missing from the accounts of u.s. futures broker pfg best. the company's founder tried to commit suicide outside its headquarters in cedar falls, iowa. >>> a federal judge tossed out cyclist lance armstrong's lawsuit aimed at blocking the u.s. anti-doping agency from moving ahead with charges that he used performance-enhancing drugs. the judge said armstrong seemed more interested in whipping up
of killing 12 people and wounding 58 others in the pact, run a movie theater. james holmes will be formally charged next monday. authorities say the 24-year-old is refusing to cooperate. we have the latest from colorado. >> people versus james holmes. >> this is the man who stands accused of one of the worst ever mass killings in america. james holmes appeared in court for the first time since he was arrested outside the cinema moments after the shooting. down at the wrists and ankles, he appeared groggy and showed no emotion. occasionally closing his eyes, he did seem aware of what was going on. there were reports he had styled himself as the joker, batman's evil on-screen nemesis. the charges he will face are expected to include at least 12 counts of first-degree murr. >> any violation can constitute a new criminal offense and or contempt of court. >> he has been held in solitary confinement. police said it was for his own safety and that he had not been answering questions. prosecutors are deciding whether to pursue a death penalty if convicted. >> victims will be impacted by this decisi
cut short. >> you have a right to be advised of the charges. >> reporter: we now learned james holmes was a psychiatric patient while grad student at the university of colorado. his psychiatrist, lynne fenton is the director of the school's mental health services. she didn't answer when we knocked today. prosecution and defense teams are now fighting over a notebook that may reveal clues. holmes' public defender says it's confidence between doctor and patient. fenton never received the notebook, but experts say if holmes made specific threats, she had an obligation to report them. >> it's called a duty to warn or duty to protect. >> reporter: but there's always a chance holmes kept his alleged plan secret. >> it's possible the psychiatrist had very little information from james holmes at the time this happened. >> reporter: james holmes will be back in court monday. he's facing potentially hundreds of charges including 12 counts of first degree murder. 58 counts of attempted murder. two big questions will the prosecution eventually seek the death penalty against holmes and will he mou
is in central colorado to explain why it could take so long to find the motive. >> james holmes, making his first court appearance today, investigators say holmes is refusing to cooperate, and it could take months to learn exactly what prompted the attack on movie goers at the midnight "batman" film days ago. >> ordinarily individuals are titled to bail. given the nature of the charges, you are currently being held on a no bond hold. >> i just have all this anger built up. >> reporter: two girls who were in the theater in the shooting, one with a bullet lodged in her chin, say they want to be in court to see holmes begin to face the justice system. >> for how much hurt he's done to this whole state and nation, i mean, i don't think he's hurting yet, and i think he needs to. >> i definitely have had my moments where i just completely lose it, and so we'll see what happens when i actually see him. >> reporter: police say they have cleared out all of the hazardous materials from holmes' apartment, much of which will be used as evidence. investigators say holmes started stockpiling guns from de
in the colorado movie shooting made his first appearance in court today. james holmes remained silent but his orange red hair spoke volumes. some of the injured victims and those who were killed looked on. >> reporter: without fire power and body armour this accused mass killer looked anything but menacing in court today. james holmes' hair is comic book orange not green like the jokers. the powerful batman character he alleged to be when arrested. his eyed fluttered, they drooped, they closed. he appeared dazed, never spoke. family members of some victims thought holmes a once budding neurosciencetist was faking. >> he's a coward and a genius. he knows what he's doing, he's faking the system. >> reporter: the district attorney says she wouldn't be told if he was getting medication in jail. she said it was unlikely. >> it is a case where we're still looking at the enormous amount of evidence and we would never presume that it would be slam dunk. >> what's the appropriate punishment for this man? >> death. >> reporter: david sanchez left court to see his daughter due to deliver her first child
. >>> the suspect in the colorado movie shooting made his first appearance in court today. james holmes remained silent but his orange red hair spoke volumes. some of the injured victims and those who were killed looked on. >> reporter: without fire power and body armour this accused mass killer looked anything but menacing in court today. james holmes' hair is comic book orange not green like the jokers. the powerful batman character he alleged to be when arrested. his eyed fluttered, they drooped, they closed. he appeared dazed, never spoke. family members of some victims thought holmes a once budding neurosciencetist was faking. >> he's a coward and a genius. he knows what he's doing, he's faking the system. >> reporter: the district attorney says she wouldn't be told if he was getting medication in jail. she said it was unlikely. >> it is a case where we're still looking at the enormous amount of evidence and we would never presume that it would be slam dunk. >> what's the appropriate punishment for this man? >> death. >> reporter: david sanchez left court to see his daughter due to deliver
mitigation impact however this is saying that he was not a drug. james holmes is due back in court next monday. today a judge ruled that cameras will not be allowed. there has been an outpouring of emotion into aurora. paul victims' are being comforted. by athletes and average citizens. >> these 12 white crosses are serving as a grief sentiment each representing a life lost. people have been stopping by and aurora, colorado to write messages for the victims. one woman came a fort the youngest. six year-old. she was in her movie theater with her mother inches now paralyzed. >> want to tell her mother this. i am out here for you. for your daughter. i've loved you. and i am sorry for your loss. i am so sorry! i am so sorry. >> this hard warming seen seven of the denver broncos. with support from the medical staff. he even showed up and his air national guard. this showing kristin day-- christian bayle is there to meet with the victims and for the people that are helping him hill. >> the suspect will remain in custody at a colorado jail. for the time being no bill has been set. while p
wild-eyed and seemingly on edge, james holmes sat before a judge, first time he's been seen publicly since his arrest. >> reporter: the face of evil for so many watching, family members of some of the victims. >> he does look fairly -- seems like demonic or something like that. >> reporter: his hair dyed bright red and pink, fitting the description from reports that he told police he was the joker just after the massacre, holmes was disengaged during the hearing, looking at times like he was struggling to stay awake. formal charges in the case will come next monday. prosecutors say a decision about the death penalty is still months away and that they'll discuss the issue with survivors and families of the victims. >> that's a very long process that impacts their lives for years, and so they will want to have and we will want to get their input before we make any kind of a decision on that. >> reporter: at least the legal process has started. aurora's mayor says his shattered community must now figure out how to work through the tragedy emotionally. >> we've got to try to find a way t
is that the area around suspect james holmes's apartment is considered extremely dangerous. police chief dan oates says the apartment is loaded with complex explosives and it may take hours, maybe even days to disarm them. >> his apartment is apparently booby trapped. what we have is a whole bunch of bomb teches from all different agencies. we have pictures inside the location. we're trying to determine how to disarm flammable or explosive material that's in there. >> president obama canceled several campaign events following news of that shooting. just moments ago, republican challenger, mitt romney,weighed in as well. >> our hearts break with the sadness of this unspeakable tragedy. ann and i join the president and first lady and all americans in offering our deepest condolences for those whose lives were shattered in a few moments, a few moments of evil in colorado. >> this, by the way is our first look at the suspect, james holmes. this picture is from his university of colorado id card. >> julia boorstin is live in a movie theater in north hollywood, here to tell us how the movie industry and
the street from the theater. >> the suspected gunman james holmes will make his first court appearance this morning. >> in a matter of hours, holmes rented by a public defender will appear before a district judge for a hearing that is expected to be brief. the 24-year-old is accused of killing a dozen people and injuring scores more during a midnight premier of the latest batman film. right now we're learning more about the suspected shooter. police say the rampage was four months in the planning with holmes collecting weapons at home and at work. we're also hearing a batman mask was found inside holmes' apartment after booby traps were cleared. recently a gun range owner says he rejected an application from holmes after hearing his voice mail greeting which he described as, quote, freakish at best, end quote. right now the suspect is in solitary confinement and he's not talking. >> the most important thing is that we put this evidence together and assist the prosecutor in holding this person accountable. we will convict him. >> police say it could take months to determine a motive and
in the colorado movie massacre is expected to get a psychiatric evaluation. james holmes and dazed and disheveled during his first court appearance. >> many of the families of the victims satin tently during the 12-minute hearing. fox 5's lauren demarco is in the newsroom with the details. >> reporter: good morning to you. it was the public's first glimpse of james holmes since he walked into the century 16 movie theater and opened fire. the 24-year-old and in court for the first time to hear a judge explain why he is being held without bond. holmes with his hair still died an orange-red did not speak. he sat has though in a daze in the colorado courtroom. he even seemed to doze off at one point. authorities say he is refusing to cooperated and it could take months to learn what prompted friday's horrific massacre at a midnight screening of the latest batman fill. prosecutor says her office is considering pursuing the death penalty but she will first consult with the victims' families. five members ever the victim' families came to watch yesterday's proceedings. >> with how much hurt he has done
holmes is refusing to cooperate ahead of his court appearance which happens this morning. right now he is in solitary confinement. alicia acuna is live outside the courthouse in centennial, colorado, where this will play out in next couple hours. how is this expected to go? >> reporter: this could all be over with in five minutes or less. this is just the beginning of the process. it is set to begin at 11:30 eastern, 9:30 local. holmes could be advised of his rights. the government has 72 hours to file formal charges from the time of the advisement and bond could be set. right now he is being represented by a public defender, however, that could change. we will have a few people in the courthouse behind me here today. we'll bring that information to you live. martha? martha: you had an opportunity to talk to one much these sheeting victims who hopes to be there when this plays out in the courtroom today, right? >> reporter: absolutely, yes i did. her name is mikhail la hicks. she and her friend laurie were actually in theater 8. this was the theater next to theater nine, the one where
. ifill: it was the first time he had been seen publicly since friday's shootings, and james holmes cut a bizarre figure. his hair dyed bright orange, his eyes dazed. it was unclear if he was on medication, but the 24-year-old staredded blankly or not at all... or nodded off. and he never spoke as the judge explained the murder charges against him. afterward district attorney carol chambers said the state is considering asking for the death penalty. but she wants to hear from the victim's family. >> it's the... if death penalty is sought, that's a very long process that impacts their lives. for years. and so they will want to have and we will want to get their input before we make any ki of a cision on that. >> ifill: holmes is accused of opening fire inside aurora century 16 theater on friday. 12 people were killed and 58 wounded. seven remain in critical condition. police say holmes opened fire with a semiautomatic rifle, but it jammed. so he used a shotgun and a pistol. a change that may have saved lives. minutes later he was arrested near his car behind the theater. the investigatio
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of the batman movies. they say james holmes carefully planned every detail of the massacre. picked a front row see the in the sold out theater and according to the police came fully equipped to kill. >> the suspect was dressed all in black. he was wearing a ba lace ticks helmet. a tactical ballistic vest. ba list take leggings, a throat protector and groin protector and gas mask and black tactical gloves. >> shepard: and this is the gas mask on the ground just outside the theater. police say the suspect threw it there. and look at the arsenal police say he used. three guns like these all purchased legally according to good sources. an assault rifle, a shotgun, a handgun and a magazine that can hold more than 100 rounds of ammo so powerful at one point it passed through the wall from one theater to the next. cops say they found another pistol in his car. it is a different picture from the way the suspect described himself. he reportedly said he was quiet and easy going on an apartment rental application and his neighbors say, indeed, he was. he graduated with honors from the university of color
appearance in a few hours. 24-year-old james holmes accused of killing 12 people and wounding 58. he's being held in isolation right now. police say he is not cooperating. but they continue to uncover some twisted new clues. >>> a deadly accident 100 miles southeast of san antonio, 11 people killed, 12 others injured when police say one pickup truck veered off u.s. highway 59 and slammed into two large trees last night. police say it was a one vehicle accident. 23 people were loaded inside both the truck's bed and cab. border patrol will assist with this investigation. radioactive fallout from japan's nuclear plant may cause as many as 2500 cancer cases worldwide. 1300 cancer deaths. that's according to a study by scientists at stanford university. >>> and there's an investigation by japan's ministry of health, labor and welfare into reports that workers at the damaged plant were told to use led covers over their detection devices to hide the severity of the radiation release. >>> now you see it. now you don't. the implosion of an old 17-story hotel in new orleans known as the grand palace,
. also ahead for you, a closer look at the arsenal that holmes he massed. >> he was a very tense weekend in the middle east with the u.s. stepping up its presence around syria providing more help to the rebels. how far will our government go? we'll have a live report from the middle east. >> but first, of course, our top story here. the man accused of one of the worst shooting massacres in u.s. history will make his first court appearance in a few hours. police say it could take months before we know why he carried out this senseless act of violence during a midnight movie premier. 24-year-old james holmes accused of killing 12 people, wounding 58 people including mothers, fathers, members of the military, even a 6-year-old girl. eight are still in critical condition this morning. >> we are learning that budding scientist allegedly was planning this for months. his apartment was rigged with trip wires, gas canisters that a gun range owner was so scared by him that he rejected him a month ago. and it could have been a lot worse. had a rife well a 100 round drum magazine not jammed. >> we
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